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Need to return or exchange items?  No problem!

  Return Form

 Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1.  In addition to the cartridge(s) you are returning, you must also include this completed Return Form & the original order form.  You must write your Order Number on everything you return.

2.  Complete this form with the appropriate Return Code. Check the O below for the action you want to take.  List new items, only if you want to receive exchange merchandise.

O Replace cartridge (s)

O Exchange for items listed below. (Please include your payment for the difference)

O Send me a refund check / Credit my Credit Card (circle one)

O Sending empty only (Not to be returned - Write "Empty Only" next to Return Order#: on label. -- Thanks for recycling with us)

3.  Carefully package and send it with your order number to:, 5055 Lima Street, Denver, CO 80239-2625 USA (you can use the label below).  Let us know if your address has changed.  

Return Codes follow --Return Codes:



Check List: 1. cartridge you are returning, 2. original order form, 3. this completed return form -- All with your written Order Number -- We keep your prices low because you pay the postage for returns and exchanges.  Cut this label out and place it on the return envelope / box.