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Although we encourage you to send us your empty cartridges, it is not a requirement. We price all of our cartridges based on this.

What do I do with my empty cartridges?  If your inkjet can be recycled, there will be a plastic prepaid postage envelope in each cartridge box.  You can use it to send us your empty cartridge(s).  If you have other cartridges or lasers you want to send us, use the label below (Ribbon Recyclers, Inc. is our parent company).  (We can keep your prices low because you pay the shipping back to us with these.)   We do buy (selected - never been recycled before) cartridges in minimum quantities of 100 per transaction .  We issue a Purchase Order to you when you want to sell us your empties.  The  terms and conditions are below this label.  After you print this page, cut out the label & send in your empty print cartridges.

Will you give me a credit and/or buy empty cartridges?

Yes, we do buy empty cartridges.   Many clubs and organizations sell us cartridges as fund raisers.  We issue credit and/or buy (selected, never been recycled before) empty cartridges only with a RecycleUS.com Purchase Order (PO) in single ship quantities of 100 or more.  Once you have 100 or more cartridges email us with a detail list of the cartridges you want to sell.  We will respond with a PO.  The amount we pay depends on the cartridge type, it's condition when we check it out and the market value at the time.  You are responsible to pay the shipping.  Use the label above to send in your empties.  Once we receive the cartridges, we inspect each cartridge and only pay for those cartridges that pass our quality tests. We issue credit and/or a check for the ones that are good within 45 days of receipt. We do not return cartridges that were not on the PO, nor failed the quality tests.

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