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What if I have a inkjet Problem?

Customer service is available from 8am to 5pm Mountain Time, Monday - Friday. The toll free number is 866-961-4650.  Many questions can be answered on the page called "T, T & FAQs" Tools, Tips & Frequently Asked Questions. You can also Email us to have specific questions answered. Email: Thanks for your business.

What if my cartridge has a problem?

All products sold are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. At any time you can return your defective or unused product for an exchange or full refund. Since 1997 we have maintained less than a 10% defect rate after our cartridges are tested and shipped.  Many of the problem cartridges we receive back could have been corrected by simply following the cleaning procedures we list on the T, T & FAQs page.  Excerpts from that page follow:  


Tech Tips:

The following inkjet cartridge replacement and troubleshooting tips are taken from various Printer Operations Manuals and apply to brand new cartridges and's quality remanufactured cartridges.  We hope you find them helpful.  Your printer operations manual is the best source for answering your questions.

This information is applicable to most Hewlett Packard, Canon and Lexmark inkjet cartridges.  If you are not sure if this information is applicable to your printer email us before attempting them.

It is suggested you print at least one page a week to keep your cartridge fresh.

Inkjet Cartridge Replacement Tips:
1. Remove the empty cartridge from your printer.
2. If applicable, carefully remove the plastic clip from the replacement cartridge.
3. If applicable, carefully remove two pieces of protective tape covering the ink nozzle and maze hole.  NOTE: Two pieces of tape are not always used, if you only see one don't worry.


4. Carefully install replacement cartridge into the printers cradle.
NOTE: For detailed instructions refer to your printer manual or printer software.

Troubleshooting Tips:
If printer problems occur:
1.  Perform up to three cleaning cycles and a prime cycle, if applicable, using your printer software.

If the cleaning cycles fail to produce quality print it may be necessary to prime the cartridge.

1.  Hold the cartridge (nozzle down) and place on a paper towel moistened with warm water & then on a dry paper towel until the ink begins to siphon.
2.  Remove debris and dried ink from the replacement cartridge nozzle plate with a damp cotton swab. DO NOT wipe the nozzle plate. Use distilled or filtered water only.
3. Re-install the cartridge and perform cleaning cycles as instructed.


If these procedures fail to fix the problem, you must follow these procedures for getting a replacement or attaining credit:

Inkjet cartridge

1. First assure the problem cartridge is NOT empty.

2. Next, assure it is a cartridge we supplied (From 

3. If the cartridge is not empty and is one we supplied, place the problem cartridge in plastic "baggie type" bag, tape a note to the cartridge that says "DEFECTIVE - RE: RUSS Order #:               ".

4. Always refer to your Order Number for all follow up correspondence.

5. Click Here & print the page that displays for further instructions and your return label.

If your questions are not answered here, don’t hesitate to submit any question or special request via email:

Thank you for your business!

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